We open the First Cycle of the Feminist Training School 

A program designed for knowledge building and skills for women, young people, and workers leaders.

Our methodological proposal is based on Popular Education Models and Participatory Action Research with a feminist and decolonial epistemology of the Global South.  Our program questions and deepens the analysis of historical models, such as patriarchy and capitalism in its neoliberal phase, and their impact on women's lives.

We propose a liberating, decolonial, democratic, and healing feminist model to train leaders capable of transforming the social inequalities that we experience in our continent.

 In her memory. Edna Viruel - Fuentes, activist, researcher, and scholar at the Illinois Urban University. A migrant woman, a feminist, committed to transnational and cross-border communities.

She left an extraordinary legacy for Latin American and Caribbean origin in the United States. We invite you to learn about her life and work.


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First Cycle of the Feminist Capacity Strengthening Program. 

Our Approach:

We problematize the construction of the World capitalist, patriarchal, and colonialist model and its relationship with the historical struggles of women constructing political power and labor, economic, and reproductive rights, among others. 

We address emancipatory and liberation proposals such as feminist economics and decoloniality of power to understand better the architecture of structural violence processes and gender relations. Finally, we address the processes of political organization for social transformation, focusing on women's equality, inclusion, and human rights.

Modality of the Knowledge-Stengthening Program

We focus on the philosophical-methodological model of feminist popular

education, proposed by Paulo Freire in the 1960s, who questioned the 'banking' unilateral and deterministic model of the education process. Instead, Freire finds an answer in liberating educational processes from the experience of oppressed communities.

Latinas en Poder proposes participatory formative processes based on feminism, and transformational democratic principles, which dismantle the patriarchal, neoliberal, and colonial logic, and the privileges of masculine identities of domination in all spheres of power. These include the political, economic and, cultural, social institutions, and in the sphere of the 'private' to understand these relationships historically assigned to women.

Curricular Proposal for Popular Feminist Education Program

It has six modules whose main objective is training organized women leaders to strengthen their capacities to strengthen their political/power/leadership.

During the first session, we exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives about our leadership process. The second module explores the relationship between power and gender. The third module addresses the historicity of the sexual division of labor and its relationship between the domination of the capitalist model of domination and feminized bodies. The fourth module delves into the processes of structural violence against women and girls. In the fifth module, we focus on inclusive women's leadership. Finally, during the sixth module, we discuss strategies for women's political participation and autonomy.

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