Women and Girls' rights, with a feminist, social justice and human rights human lenses.

Decolonization. Our priority is to support the causes of women in the Global South.-As the decolonial sociologist Boavetura dos Santos reference, that "in the North inhabits the South", meaning to how the dynamics of power and exclusion of migrant and colored communities (black and brown), are excluded discriminated against and oppressed.

Intersectionality's, from where the dynamics of power and exclusion and oppression due to our gender, recognizing the diversity of our struggles as women: we are migrants, with or without documents, rural women, young urban workers, of original pueblos, black, mestizo , Asian, with disabilities, among others.

Sorority and Solidarity. Build sustainable women and girls' movements through ethical impact investments, feminist and democratic or solidarity economies.

Latinas en Poder contribute to eradicate all forms of violent oppressions against women and foster healthy communities, peace, social justice, solidarity and liberation.

Create Spaces for permanent dialogue and Participatory Action-Research, through the Transnational Women's Summit

We create spaces for transformative social dialogue with women's organizations and leaders, political decision makers and women committed to forging change in their communities. Along with this permanent process we conduct Participatory  Action- Research  to learn hands on from grassroots organizations and communities the issues they face, create room for analysis, action plans for implementation and mechanisms to guide their collective work.

Build  Capacities and Skills, throuhg the Transnational Feminist School, Edna Viruel-Fuentes, we designed and implement training and capacity strengthening. We promote Feminist Popular Education methodologies and tools to analyze the realities that women live and promote actions that may contribute to transforming communities and society.

Political, Legal Empowerment and Advocacy  through  the Transnational Center for  Political, Legal Empowerment, (CEPLIT) we organize collective actions to  promote transformative political changes for women and girls.

Promote women's organization financial autonomy through feminist and social, and solidarity economies through the PICIS Foundation.