Transnational Center for Political, Legal Empowerment and Advocacy (CEPLIT)

CEPLIT promotes transformative changes for women and girls through the Transnational Center for Political, Legal Empowerment,  and Advocacy (CEPLIT).

Advocacy. Latinas en Poder held a Briefing/dialogue with Central American women leaders in the region with staffers from the United States Congress and female legislators from Central American Countries.

We discussed the violation of women's organizations' rights, and the root causes that force women and girls to flee their ancestral communities.

Listen to the Latinas en Poder  Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Central America to Members of the United States Congress with our Special Speakers, Celia Medrano, Human Rights Specialist, and activist Dra. Úrsula Roldán, Director at the Research Institute of Global and Territorial Dynamics, Landivar University, Guatemala; Katy Gil, President Afro descent Women´s Organization, New York; and Nitza Seguí, President, Latinas en Poder.  Facilitated by Guerline Joseph, Haitian Bridge, Califormia. March, 29 2o22.

During the Second Transnational Women's Summit, we instituted training sessions to strengthen the advocacy capacity of participating organizations at the local community, national, regional, and social networks.

 During the last day of the Summit, we engaged in dialogue with female decision-makers to address the root causes of climate disasters and violence against women defenders due to extractives economies in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

Most recently, through our New Transnational Center for Political, Legal Empowerment, and Advocacy, we are instituting research and strategic legal empowerment tools to analyze and take action against enterprises damaging the environment in the communities and territories and the violations of their human rights they face).

Latinas in Power Participates in the V Meeting of the Network of Rural Women of Latin America and the Caribbean (V ENLAC),  held in Chilean Patagonia during May 2023.

As the Representative of Latinas en Poder at the V ENLAC, Nitza Segui facilitated a Dialogue with High-Level government representatives and the InterAmerican Foundation on the Situation and Opportunities for Women in Rural Communities.  Latinas en Poder continues its support to address the existing oppressions against rural women along with our partners. We will continue to be a strong partner of the Rural Women's Network, promoting their rights and institutionalizing the Decade of Rural Women.  

Our special appreciation to Luz Haro, General Secretary, for her fearless commitment to Rural Women!  

Latinas en Poder at the UN Dialogue on  Migration in New York, 2023

Latinas en Poder representatives Nitza Segui & Katy Gil, president of the Afro-descent Women's Association, participated in the United Nations Dialogue on Migration.  Please, click  below to review our Statement- Spanish, April 2023

(In the photo,  Katy Gil and Marcos Antonio Palacios, National Migration Institute, Honduras.)

Palabras LEP Dialogo Internacional sobre Migración

Latinas en Poder and Partners Meeting with the Chilean Women's Ministry

In May 2023, Latinas en Poder and our Chilean partners, Migrant Women Foundation, and the Abortion Observatory, organized a meeting with Ana Peña, Director of the International Cooperation section and the representative of the Migration area of the Women´s Ministry, to address the reproductive health, labor and at the border challenges faced by Venezuelan and Haitian migrants in the country.  It was certainly a productive meeting. We are looking forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with our wonderful partners in Chile.

(In the Photo, Maria Peña of the Women's Ministry, Yiniba Castillo, Migrant Women Foundation, Carolina Cisternas, de OLA, Milena Meza, de Con las Amigas y en la Casa)

Advocacy Training Session with Our Partners in Chile

Our partner, Con las Amigas y en la Casa, invited Latinas en Poder to facilitate an Advocacy training session for their companionship program's team. During the training, participants reviewed the ABC know-how of advocacy, learned from each others' advocacy experiences at local, national, and international levels, identified key daily problems faced by the sector, and new areas to advocate for secure abortion rights for women.  Latinas en Poder is committed to supporting our dear friends and partners in Chile.

Working in Groups During the Training Session

The Observatory and Con las Amigas y en la Casa Team, and Latinas en Poder Representative

New Advocacy Steps for Secure Abortion in Chile 

Analysis on the Political Future for Women in Guatemala, August 2023



Building political power implies observing and understanding the processes that sustain or stop it and how historically we have incorporated ourselves to demand our full participation as subjects of (political-civic-democratic) rights in society. It is enough to remember that although women achieved the right to vote late, women from indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples were largely excluded. Guatemala has the largest indigenous population in Abya Yala (called the American Continent); however, only one woman was elected during the last election in that country- our appreciation to Congresswoman Sonia Gutierrez for her commitment to indigenous women's rights. Together with our sisters from the Network of Women's Organizations in Guatemala, we organized the First Transnational Women's Mission to Observe the political process of the second round of the presidential election. On August 20, organizations went to seven country departments to monitor it with a feminist perspective. Criteria and indicators were designed to understand the dimension of women's political participation. Due to the political crisis raised by government political forces, we have continued the political monitoring process and carried out collective campaigns and advocacy actions to demand that President Giamattei's government respect the decision of 60% of the electorate to have elected Mr. Arevalo.

Radio program: The Feminist Perspective on the Presidential Election in Guatemala

Guatemala in Resistance for Democracy

Photograph taken from the Web