We are a Feminist Organization Committed to Gender Equality, Inclusion, and Social Justice


Strengthen Latinoamerican and Caribbean Feminist Organizations and Leaders to Build Political Power, Economic Autonomy, Epistemic and Healing Justice.

Theory of Change

Connect. Build. Change

Promote Dialogue and Weaving Transnational Actions to promote Powerful Women's Movements.

Building Capacities to Promote Inclusive and Transformative Leadership.

Leverage Sustainable and Ethical Financial Instruments to Enable Women's Organization's Autonomy.

Women's Rights


Human Rights

Transform Societies so that Women and Girls are Equal, Free, and Autonomous.

In Sorority with The Americas

Latinas en Poder arises during the process of participation in the education campaign to promote the Latino vote during the 2020 elections in the United States and the COVID 19 pandemic.

We dialogue with women and young women about the problems and difficulties faced in the workplace, the structural violence, domestic and intimate partner violence, the violence faced throughout the migratory process, and in the context of climate change; their needs, and their priorities for self and social transformation. Our journey is a result of these conversations, and our commitment to Connect, Build, and Change.


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Gender Rights = Human Rights